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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lodge Vitruvian Hosts Author Michael Halleran

Lodge Vitruvian No. 767 welcomes author Michael Halleran on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012. Stated Meeting will be held at the temple of Broad Ripple Lodge, 1716 Broad Ripple Avenue in Indianapolis at 7PM.

Festive Board to follow the meeting at the nearby Capri Restaurant, 2602 Ruth Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana, (off Keystone Avenue between 71st and 75th Streets)

The Festive Board will feature our guest speaker Bro. Michael Halleran. Bro. Halleran is a practicing attorney who has written and lectured on Freemasonry in both the United States and Great Britain. An active Freemason, he is Past Master of several lodges, mostly recently Justice Lodge No. 457; he is also an elected officer in the Grand Lodge of Kansas.

Michael is the author of The Better Angels of Our Nature; Freemasonry in the American Civil War (2010), published by the University of Alabama Press, and more recently, of Bro. Brother's Journal, available from Macoy Publishing.

Dinner will be $30.

For more information see the lodge website at www.vitruvian.org.

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  1. Alas, I cannot attend this event, but for those who can, Bro. Halleran is a an informative and entertaining speaker. I had the privilege of hearing him talk about his book, "The Better Angels...," in New Castle, PA this past Spring. I also had the greater privilege of speaking with him about some of his research, conclusions, and theories of my own. Alas, I wish we were able to discuss the issues under more informal circumstances as I did not wish to monopolize his time there. Still, he was gracious to me and my views, and generous with his attention. If you have the opportunity to attend this event, do so.

    Parian Lodge No. 662
    Beaver Falls, PA


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