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Monday, July 19, 2010

Randy Williams New Director at Masonic Society

Bro. Randy Williams of Edmonton, Alberta has been appointed as the new Fellow Director on the Masonic Society's Board of Directors. Bro. Randy will be serving in a long-vacant position that went unfilled when the previous appointee had to bow out for personal reasons.

Randy is the co-editor (with Stephen Dafoe) of the recent book Esoteric Odyssey: Thomas Marryat's Philosophy of Masons, and he is a popular speaker in lodges throughout Alberta. He comes to us with extensive experience in leadership and planning for Masonic events large and small, from serving as Sessions Chair for the annual Masonic Spring Workshop in Kananaskis to steering an inter-lodge study group for Edmonton Masons.

Most members of TMS probably know Randy best for his work as Assistant Editor on (and frequent contributor to) The Journal of the Masonic Society. As editor, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with him for a while now, and his energy and enthusiasm is second to none. He is a tremendous addition to the Board.

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