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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why HUGE Type?

After I added a link to mofuse.mobi for mobile phone users to the blog over a week ago, Windows Internet Explorer users have been reporting the page is displaying HUGE type. I am trying to find the reason and am aware of the problem. I am blaming Microsoft. Smart, virtuous users of Apple's Mac OSX/Safari, or Firefox don't seem to have these problems.

UPDATE: It turned out to be a dropped quotation mark and a stray h1 in the header.Thanks to Brother Chris Boettcher for spotting it.


  1. I can confirm that Google Chrome isn't having any problems either. Normal size font for me.

  2. Because I can't see it, I'm not certain how to fix it, or how to tell if I do.

  3. :coff coff:

    Firefox running on Linux is working just fine.

    (captcha code: distrut)

  4. I doubt it's a Microsoft problem. It's more likely a Blogger problem.

  5. Nope, it was a dropped quotation mark in the header. Thanks to Brother Chris Boettcher for spotting it.

  6. Ah, so it was a PEBCAK problem :)

  7. I am a self-trained dummy who never pretends to understand CSS coding. I can barely figure out html.


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