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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bahamas Prime Minister Honors Freemasons

Bahamas Weekly is reporting on a speech recently given by their Prime Minister, Hubert A. Ingraham at an event in Nassau honoring the contributions to Bahamian society of former Governor-General Arthur Dion Hanna, former Governor-General Sir Clifford Darling, and former Deputy Prime Minister, the late Clement T. Maynard. The three men were presented with honors from the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge Jurisdiction, Commonwealth of the Bahamas (Maynard's award was posthumous).

From the article "Prime Minister Ingraham says 'All Hands On Deck' approach needed to restore core values" by Matt Maura:

“Many of our young people, particularly our young men, are in need of wholesome direction and guidance. Some feel overwhelmed and could benefit from learning better coping skills and improving their communication skills so that disagreements are not so easily escalated into violence,” Mr. Ingraham added.

Addressing members and patrons attending the first annual Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge White Tie Gala Ball held at the Wyndham Nassau Resort, Prime Minister Ingraham said he has always had a special admiration “for those Bahamians who spend so much time and effort in the work and witness of Freemasonry” in The Bahamas.

Prime Minister Ingraham said Freemasonry, in addition to building character in men, by extension, helps to build the moral and spiritual character of the wider community.

Mr. Ingraham said that unlike in earlier times, many young people are not the beneficiaries of a stable home life in which two parents, or other supportive family members, are committed to their upbringing, and where discipline and instruction for life are easily available.

The Prime Minister encouraged members of the Prince Hall Masonic Order to continue to increase their activities within the various communities “so that we may together begin to correct the social anomalies threatening our communities today.”

“Lodges have played a significant role in the lives of thousands of Bahamians all over our islands,” Mr. Ingraham said. “Like our churches, lodges and friendly societies have served both to bind people together and as instruments of community among people.

“The Masonic Order, in particular, based on fundamental Christian principles, has promoted severe discipline amongst its members, the great majority of whom I am told, attempt in their ordinary, daily lives to practice high morality and spiritual principles.

The author of the Bahamian national anthem and the designers of the Bahamian flag and coat-of-arms were all Prince Hall Freemasons, along with Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, the first Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas after the end of British rule (serving from 1969 until 1992) .

There are at least nine grand lodges at work in the Bahamas, but the principal ones include 28 lodges under the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge Jurisdiction, Commonwealth of the Bahamas; 10 English lodges under the United Grand Lodge of England, 8 Scottish lodges, and one Irish lodge.

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