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Monday, May 03, 2010

Arkansas Grand Lodge Officers: Resigned?

The Burning Taper is reporting the following:

"The Masonic backchannels are buzzing with unconfirmed reports that the Grand Secretary [James Weatherall} and Grand Treasurer [Gary Jones] of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas [F&AM] both tendered their resignations on Saturday, effective June 1. Both men have served in their respective capacities since the early 1990s, my sources say.

If true, this is a most interesting development in light of the recent brouhaha over the Prince Hall license plates, the upcoming trial of Bro. Derek Gordon, and the many stories over the years that have alleged a general sense of vindictiveness and overt racism in the Grand Lodge."

There is an additional rumor circulating that a third grand lodge officer has also resigned, but again, without confirmation.

Meanwhile, the Grand Lodge of Arkansas F&AM website continues to be "under construction." I attempted to contact Grand Master Warren to offer him the opportunity to respond to the story, but his official GL email address seems to have been shut down.


  1. Update, May 5: The resignations of Bros. Weatherall and Jones have been confirmed by an officer of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas. I am awaiting his permission to publish his email on The Taper.

    — W.S.

  2. The GL of Arkansas website is no longer "under construction", but is, in fact, GONE.

    On so many levels, they are just refusing to deal with the times they're in.

    A few weeks ago, here in Iowa, we actually helped charter a Prince Hall lodge by putting about 20 of the new lodge's candidates through our One Day Class.

    Eric Friedman, SW Early Morning Lodge #672, Bettendorf IA


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