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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Masonic Conspiracy in Washington DC Highway System

A historian in Washington DC has discovered a secret Masonic message hidden in the highway ramps of the Anacostia Freeway around the Nation's Capitol, according to the Greater Greater Washington blog today.

The historian, Tyler Vanderschmidt, says that he has found evidence of a Masonic conspiracy to use freeway building to embed the symbology of the secretive organization in the capital city. The discovery came, according to his article, as he studied a map of the Anacostia Freeway while lost east of the River. "I was looking at the map," he says, "and suddenly my eyes were opened. It became clear that I was on the verge of a major discovery."

Ramps on the Anacostia Freeway clearly spell "M-A-S-O-N-S".

Representatives from DDOT seem reluctant to wade into the controversy. One spokesperson, who asked to remain anonymous, suggests that the Masons might have had a horse in the race. "Our work rehabilitating some of the freeways has discovered old fashioned construction methods, pre-1950s stuff," he reports, "the stonework we've uncovered represent some real masterpieces." As experts at stone cutting and assembly, the Masons would have had a lot to gain from freeway contracts.

(Kindly bear in mind today's date.)

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