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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Planning Allied Masonic Degree Day in Indianapolis Nov. 13th

Date changed from November 13th. New date is November 6th, 2010!

Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD) is an honorary and invitational organization devoted to Masonic research and the preservation of orphaned Masonic degrees that were formerly worked in Craft or Mark lodges, or Royal Arch chapters in America and the British Isles. Over the years, they have been grouped together under a single governing organization in an effort to perpetuate and preserve them. AMD Councils are limited to just 27 members, and only by invitation.

In my role as Sovereign Master of Imhotep Council No. 434 AMD in Indianapolis, we are inviting the members of Indiana and surrounding area Councils to a special Allied Masonic Degree Day on Saturday, November 13th 6th, 2010, at Indiana Freemasons' Hall in Indianapolis. Here is an opportunity for your Council to participate by both experiencing and conferring AMD degrees.

In addition to the AMD degrees, the members of Lodge Vitruvian No. 767 in Indianapolis have expressed interest in demonstrating a Masonic degree using Emulation ritual, as well. This ritual is rarely seen outside of English lodges. And this will be an added occasion to visit and tour Indiana Freemasons' Hall, the headquarters of the fraternity in our state.

It is our desire to seek participation among AMD Councils across Indiana, as well as from nearby states. We are in the planning stages of this event at this time, and this message is to discover interest in participating. We are aware that many Councils may gather infrequently and that this message may be coming to you between meetings. However, we would like to have some idea of participation by July 20th, so that we can plan accordingly. We would like to know if your Council has an interest in attending, if you wish to present one of the degrees, and if so, which one. In the case of duplicate requests, degree choices will be assigned in the order they are received. Lunch will be provided, and we anticipate a cost of no more than $10.

Please respond as soon as possible to our Secretary, Carson Smith at
carson.c.smith @ comcast.net . We look forward to your answer and your participation in making this an outstanding day!


  1. Will this event be a first for Indiana? We do this kind of thing every summer in New Jersey, and everyone truly has a great time. Good luck with it, and enjoy.


  2. It's not a first, but the last one was held in 2008 on the west side of the state, and wasn't widely publicized.

  3. I beg to differ. It was posted on Hiram's Forum in 2008 and every council secretary received an invitation. Thirty companions from five councils attended.

    You have CNN (Carson News Network) going for you....

    Chris Kimmel


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