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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Speaking In Detroit This Friday 3/12

This Friday evening, March 12th, I'll be speaking at the incredible Detroit Masonic Center at 6PM, in the 4th floor Library. Admission is $10.

See the the Detroit Library website for details here.

If you haven't visited the Detroit Masonic Center before, take the time to come out and tour the largest Masonic building in the world. Looking forward to being there Friday!


  1. Chris, enjoy your visit, sounds like you have been there before. An incredible place to tour. I am on the wrong end of the state to make it, but would love to be there for your visit.

  2. We 4 MMs from 3 Battle Creek area Lodges enjoyed your lecture and Q&A. We had a lot to discuss on our 2 hr. trip home. Thanks for signing my copy of "Deciphering The Lost Symbol". My copy of "The Journal" arrived today - the day after our trip to Detroit's world famous Masonic Temple!
    I value the notion that opinions on both sides of the issue dealing with FM origins respecting the Templars or Operative Guilds can be discussed openly with fairness. I will admit to following John J. Robinson's thinking!


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