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Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Hampshire Masons in the News: Open Houses 3/27

I'm on the road this weekend, but check out the article in today's Nashua Telegraph on Nashua, New Hampshire's Masons, and Grand Master Wayne Libby:

The men who belong are Masons, a cohesive fraternity of individuals who pride themselves on strength of character, personal and family values, loyal friendships, and the importance of charitable and philanthropic endeavors.

There’s tons to know about Masonry, and thanks to a fairly new endeavor begun by state grand master C. Wayne Libby, the ideal opportunity will come up next Saturday, when the Nashua lodge and many others throughout the state will throw open their doors to the public. . .

Libby, a New Hampshire native and longtime Nashua resident who rose to state grand master from his leadership of Rising Sun Lodge, said the Masons are a charitable, philanthropic fraternity that’s sometimes mischaracterized as a religious, or secret, society that shuns outsiders.

“We’re everybody,” he said. “We’re a microcosm of society. We’re a self-governed, disciplined organization that’s based on respect, very strong principles and freedom.”

New Hampshire Freemasons will hold statewide open houses on Saturday March 27th,


  1. March 27th is the same day that every lodge in the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts has an open house. These bring in a lot of candidates, allow members of the community to learn more about us, and are generally a good idea when done well.

  2. Chris - Thanks for featuring our article. We'd love to have you speak at the Nashua Temple the next time that you are in New England!

    Chris Busby
    Ancient York Lodge No 89
    Rising Sun Lodge No 39


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