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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Looking for Massachusetts Masonic History

I am looking for a comprehensive book about Freemasonry in Massachusetts, at least up to about 1820.

By comprehensive, I mean not of just one lodge—there seem to be several of those.

Any suggestions?


  1. Contact Cynthia Alcorn, the librarian at the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. I'm sure she'd be a great resource in your project.


    Geoff Kromer

  2. Geoff beat me to it, I was going to suggest the Grand Lodge library. The Van Gordon-Williams Library at the Museum of National Heritage might have suggestions too.

  3. Stalwart Builders: The grand lodge of Masons in Massachusetts by Thomas Sherrard Roy is at least a starting point. The Mass. Grand Lodge library has several copies, as you might expect.

  4. I'll second the recommendation of Stalwart Builders, but I'd definitely like to see copies of the proceedings (such as exist) that deal with the various PGL/GL mergers in the 1700s in MA.

    I used a lot of SB and some of what is on the phoenixmasonry website to fill in some holes in Wikippedia regarding the various Lodges which formed the Scottish PGL.


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