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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Indianapolis' Murat Shriners May Halt Theater Name Change

It was announced earlier this week that Indianapolis' Murat Theatre, owned by the Shriners but leased to LiveNation, was to be renamed "Old National Center" after LiveNation struck a naming rights deal with Old National Bank of Evansville, Indiana.

Not so fast, say the Murat Shriners of Indianapolis.

This from WIBC-FM this afternoon:

Deal to Rename Murat May Be Null and Void
By Stan Lehr

The deal to put a new name on the Murat Centre may be null and void.

That's the contention of the Murat Temple Association. The group claims it was not involved in the negotiations between promoter Live Nation, a Murat Centre tenant, and Old National Bank--whose name now appears on the front of the building at 520 North New Jersey Street.

"We've not sold out any portion of the building," says Greg Miller, an attorney and member of the Murat Board of Directors. "It is our desire that the facility be continued to use the name Murat."

The Association owns the building. Live Nation leases the Murat Theatre, the Egyptian Room and other amenities. Miller says the company does not have the right, as a tenant, to rename the building.

A call from 93 WIBC to the Old National Centre--that's how the phone is being answered--has not been returned. General Manager Terry Hennessey and Old National Bank CEO Randy Reichmann announced the deal Tuesday.

"There's a team of lawyers at this point in time looking into the matter to decide what our options are," says Miller.


  1. I noticed the new signage last week when I went downtown to pay my delinquent dues to the Shrine. I also noticed in a Ticket Master e-mail that I receive for area events, the name was given as "The Murat Theater at Old National Center". - D Klem

  2. So mote it be!
    B.RM. Monroe #22


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