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Monday, March 01, 2010

'Hunting The Lost Symbol' Now on DVD

Alice and I appeared in the Discovery Channel program, Hunting The Lost Symbol, which aired last Fall. Now, it is available on DVD for $14.98 from Amazon.com, starting tomorrow.

The show also features Brothers Mark A. Tabbert, Dr. Mark Koltko-Rivera, Dr. S. Brent Morris, and Dr. Bob Hieronimus.


  1. Br. Hodapp,

    Thank you for your thought provoking lecture last Friday at our event in Houston. Per your advice I went home and read The Lost Symbol. Your advice is well received and I hope that it will be taken to heart.

    Matt Richards

  2. Br. Hodapp,

    I very much enjoyed your talk last Friday at our Table Lodge in Houston. I did not get a chance to introduce myself but hopefully I will in the near future. Looking forward to your next visit.

    Randon Reaves
    Houston Masonic Library & Museum Foundation


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