Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Br. Jay Hochberg and Flooding In Northern New Jersey

Brother Jay Hochberg over at The Magpie Mason blog is reporting a major flood at the Scottish Rite Valley of Northern New Jersey in Lincoln Park. Friday when Jay took this photo, the water was two to three feet deep, but the river was expected to crest at five feet, and the Valley's building was already flooded.

Jay is a part of the team that creates the Journal of the Masonic Society, a regular poster on the MasonicLight Yahoo group, and a tireless reporter of Masonic activities in the Northeast US. He reports that he is okay, but that he is using a neighbor's computer to check his email. Take a moment to keep Jay and the folks in this part of the country in your thoughts and prayers.


Magpie Mason said...

I knew I should have placed an amusing message on that sign before bugging out.

Chris Hodapp said...

Now I see the Passaic River is expected to crest at 13 feet.

Take care, my friend.