Friday, December 05, 2008

Prohibition Ended December 5, 1933.

Just a reminder to the brethren in my jurisdiction that this supposedly happened 75 years ago today.

Celebrate responsibly.

Which reminds me. After many years I have been remiss in sending a shout out to Ely and all of the fine folks at Indianapolis' Elbow Room, our traditional downtown, post-meeting haunt. The food is good, they always treat us well, and many of the world's problems have been solved over a pint there. WBro. Carson Smith has even originated a secret due-guard that calls the brethren to its warm environs.


Justa Mason said...

In some jurisdictions, it hasn't ended at all, I understand.


Jeff Naylor said...

75 years isn't a very long time to expect to change something in Freemasonry, you know.

FD2L said...

You wouldn't know it in some parts of Texas!

-Bro Vick

Michael said...

Celebrate Repeal Day!!!

Part 1:

Part 2: