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Friday, December 05, 2008

Thanks To Logan Lodge No. 575

Congratulations to Worshipful Master-elect Kenneth Davis of Lodge Vitruvian No. 767, who went through his Past Master Degree this evening. The evening was a joint effort with the Past Masters of Vitruvian and of Major General John A. Logan Lodge No. 575, which meets at Indiana Freemasons' Hall in downtown Indianapolis. A laurel and hardy handshake to Logan's WM-elect Jamie Ridner, who also had his PM degree conferred.

Many thanks from all of us at Lodge Vitruvian to WBro. Kyle Fahrner for graciously allowing us to be a part of your evening. And a personal note of gratitude for presenting me with a certificate making me an honorary member of Logan Lodge. I am honored and proud to be associated with the men of this lodge.

BTW, it was great to see both WBros. Jeff Naylor and Eric Schmitz, especially on a night of predicted snow and ice. I always enjoy your company and your friendship.


  1. I'm looking forward to great year in both lodges. Many of the customs and practices of Logan Lodge were taken from the example first set by Lodge Vitruvian. As a result, Logan Lodge is flourishing and has a great future after coming perilously close to surrendering it's charter just a few short years ago.

    I heartily second the motion regarding Bros. Naylor and Schmitz. It was great to see and sit in lodge with both of them.

  2. How does this work, Chris? Does a Lodge have to be open when the Installed Master's secrets are communicated there?

    You're no doubt familiar with the English method, which is how we do things in my jurisdiction.



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