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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Your Own Skull & Bones In The Woods

The Winvian Resort in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut is secluded, very exclusive, VERY expensive, and totally unique. It is made up of nineteen completely different and very unusual custom designed cottages. Be prepared to pony up between $1400 and $1900 per night (no, that's not a misprint), but according to the amenities list, the price includes all meals, drinks, spas, use of the resorts facilities, and those all-important after dinner petit-fours. The price also includes unlimited access to a 130-variety wine cellar in the main building, a restored 1775 colonial home that features dining rooms, a brandy and cigar lounge, and an art gallery. The entire property can be rented for corporate retreats for a paltry $32,000/night.

Clearly, money must not be an object.

Fourteen architects took part in designing the singularly unique cottages. Nestled amongst the tree fort, log cabin, and the many theme-designed cottages (library, maritime, Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court, and even a Coast Guard helicopter) is the Secret Society Cottage (photo above):

"A very intimate cottage, secretive and mystical in look. The interior has a mezzanine floor where the bedroom is located, under a large skylight and overlooking the tall fireplace. The living room opens into a tall porch which further lends the cottage to its theme of the Skull & Bones Society."

No surprise that the bulk of the architects who designed the Winvian cottages attended Yale.

Where's the Geronimo skull?

(Thanks to brother Bill Hosler for the tip on this story.)

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