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Monday, November 24, 2008

Own Your Own George Washington Gavel

Looking for a Christmas gift for that hard-to-buy-for Freemason? Washington DC's Potomac Lodge No. 5 has given permission to the US Capitol Historical Society to reproduce a replica of the gavel George Washington used at the US Capitol Masonic cornerstone ceremony in 1793. The gavel features a hardwood handle and a cast resin head mixed with particles from the marble from the original House wing steps.

It can be yours for a paltry $145.00.


  1. I am sorely tempted, but that leave me with three fewer fifty dollar bills with which to light my cigars.

  2. And for just another $999, you can get a vial with bits of wood from the True Cross that the Templars discovered under the ruins in Jerusalem.

    And if you act NOW, we'll throw in this piece from the Shroud of Turin, along with a piece of paper certifying its authenticity.

  3. If they threw in a Flavor Wave, I would be sold. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYEEfjw2mHk

  4. I was hoping for the Albert Pike Commemorative plate. At least I can use it at dinner on the Masonic Rubber Chicken Circuit.


  5. I have a photograph of John the Baptist signed by him PERSONALLY! Offers?

  6. Now I read that the shroud of Turin actually was owned by the DeMolay family, I might be interested in that. Lord knows many have died clinging to relics that were wanted by holy orders. And now we can buy em on the cheap. Progress and order at last


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