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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Steampunk Freemasonry?

Greg Stewart over at Masonic Traveler has hit upon a tremendous thought in reference to Traditional Observance lodges. Check out his entry on Masonic Traveler: Steampunk Freemasonry.


  1. Hi, Bro. Chris,

    Yes, it really is an interesting comparison.

    Fraternal Regards! Art

  2. Greg (ahem) Stewart. I know the guy personally. :)

  3. The post was certainly interesting, but, I feel that the author misses the point of T.O. Masonry.

    I think many of us involved in T.O. Masonry believe that T.O. is an expression of everything that makes our fraternity unique while excluding many of the North American trappings of what can be deemed a charitable volunteer organization.

    Focus on the initiatic process, critical thinking and education would in my opinion be cornerstones of all TO lodge experiences.

  4. Jeff, I appreciate the feedback. As the author, in part the original post was based on my own experience in a T.O. lodge environment.

    the gust of it was more specifically the idea that encapsulates the T.O. set up, rather than the experience itself. the only observation I made to the experience was conducting the meetings in period costume, given its perchance to remember the era of the tradition.


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