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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Midwest Conference on Masonic Education in Kansas City, MO: April 29 - May 1, 2022

by Christopher Hodapp

The 73rd annual Midwest Conference on Masonic Education will be held April 29th through May 1st, 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri.

From their website:
The Midwest Conference on Masonic Education 2022 promises to be an excellent event that offers excellent resources for Masonic Educators at all levels. Whether you are the chair of Masonic Education in your jurisdiction, a local Lodge Education Officer, or just a Brother interested in contributing to Masonic Education in your local lodge, we welcome you to join us. We look forward to great presentations, useful workshops and interaction, plenty of good fellowship, and an unmatched opportunity to see what's new and exciting in Masonic Education across jurisdictions.

By the end of the weekend, you will have many new tools and ideas to take back to your jurisdiction for Masonic Education!
This year's conference will be at the Hampton Inn and Suites Kansas City - Country Club Plaza, 4600 Summit Street, Kansas City, MO 64112.

General Registration fee of $150 includes all presentations, Friday night dinner and hospitality suite; Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner; and Sunday breakfast.

Can't attend in person? A Virtual Program is also being offered via Zoom. The $50 fee gives you online access to several of the presentations (see the website for more details about this option).


Bro. Josef Wäges - “Finding La Candeur: A Guide to Masonic Research”
Josef Wäges, 32°, is a member of the Blue Friars, a member of Plano Lodge No. 768, the Valley of Dallas (AASR SJ), a Fellow of the Grand College of Rites, a full member of the Texas Lodge of Research, Michigan Lodge of Research, and a life member of the Missouri Lodge of Research. Additionaly he is the editor of The Secret School of Wisdom, the Authentic Rituals and Doctrines of the Illumanati, L’École secrète de sagesse, Rituels et doctrines authentiques des Illuminati: Une école secrète de Sagesse, On Materialism and Idealism, and A Treasury of Coën Texts in Two Volumes.

• Bro. Dan Hrinko - “The Purple of the Fraternity”, Masonic Leadership and Training
Bro. Hrinko has been a Mason since 1977. He served as Master of Clark Lodge 101 in 1983 and again in 2005. He was the Master of Arts & Sciences 792 serving one year under dispensation in 2009-10 and a second year as the Charter Master in 2010-11. He served as a DEO from 2013-14 and as a DDGM from 2015-17. Bro. Hrinko has authored two books published by Macoy Masonic Publishers. The Craft Driven Lodge chronicles the principles and process of the formation and operation of the Arts & Sciences Lodge as the Brothers of that lodge strive for the best Masonic experiences and the pursuit of Masonic Education. The Purple of the Fraternity describes how the servant leadership model aligns with Masonic teachings and principles and offers a template for effective leadership within Freemasonry regardless of the level at which you are serving the Craft.

• Bro. Shawn Eyer - “Architecture, Geometry, and Aesthetics” Encountering Freemasonry’s Central Metaphor of the Craft”
Shawn Eyer is a Masonic writer whose work emphasizes the careful reading of early Masonic literature, with special attention to intertextuality, themes, symbols, and ritualistic practice. He holds advanced degrees from Hebrew College and Harvard University. He is a member of the Lodge of the Nine Muses No. 1776 in the District of Columbia, and a Past Master of Academia Lodge No. 847 in California.

• Bro. Jacob W. Thompson - “Wardens and Masters Training”: The Grand Lodge of Missouri’s newest Masonic Education Resource
RWB Jacob Thompson is the Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of Missouri AF&AM and currently serves as the chariman of the jurisdiction’s Masonic Education Online Learning Subcommittee. He is a tireless researcher of the history of the Grand Lodge of Missouri, most recently curating and facilitating Missouri’s Bicentennial Lecture Series. He is also passionate about creating and providing useful and effective Masonic education resources for local lodges and was the driving force behind the creation and delivery of Missouri’s new Masters and Wardens training program.

• Bro. James Buckhorn (IN), Facilitator - Grand Lodge Education Officers/Committee Chairs Roundtable Q&A 
This is your opportunity to pick the brains of the top minds in Masonic Education across jurisdictions as we welcome Grand Lodge Education Officers and Chairmen of Masonic Education Committees present to answer your questions on Masonic Education in their respective jurisdictions.

Never heard of the Midwest Conference on Masonic Education before? Or maybe you did, but didn't know what it was about or if you could attend. 

Who We Are

The Midwest Conference on Masonic Education was formed in 1949 at a gathering of interested Masons from Illinois (including Alphonse Cerza) and Iowa.

The outcome was to continue getting together by establishing its first Annual Meeting which was held in December 1950 in Cedar Rapids IA. The organization is comprised of a loose and ever-changing collection of Masonic educators from Grand Lodge jurisdictions located in 12 north central States and the Province of Manitoba. Other participants frequently include chairs of Masonic Education as well as Grand Lodge officers.

What We Are About

The aim of the Conference is to promote Masonic Education, in part by providing a forum for educators to gather, freely discuss Masonic issues, socialize, and learn from sharing experiences while building beneficial relationships.

In addition, the Conference initiates special projects such as collecting data on educational practices across all North American jurisdictions, as well as encouraging Masonic research and writing by individual educators.

How We Function

The Conference meets once a year, usually in late April or early May, in one of the member jurisdictions. Responsibility for conducting the Annual Meeting rotates each year, eventually being hosted by all member jurisdictions before repeating.

A typical program schedule includes presentations by well-known Masonic speakers, experiential as well as scholarly participant presentations, roundtable discussions, and jurisdiction reports. Sufficient time is also arranged to provide informal chats among attendees. For more than a half century, our participants have expressed the view that our Conference is well worth the time, effort and cost in order to gain the many benefits from attending and participating.

Video presentations from the 2019 and 2021 Conferences are available online HERE.

All Master Masons from recognized Masonic jurisdictions in the United States, Canada, or worldwide are encouraged to attend and become part of this annual Conference on Masonic Education.

All regular, recognized Masonic Jurisdictions are invited to enquire about becoming a member jurisdiction of the MCME.

For more information about this conference, visit the website at http://www.mcme1949.org

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