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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Goose & Gridiron Lodge 1717 Established in Ohio

The Grand Lodge of Ohio held its annual communication this past week. A new special purpose lodge was just chartered there with a very unique mission and method among American lodges: Goose and Gridiron Lodge No. 1717.

From their website:

The Lodge is named after the Goose and Gridiron tavern in London where the United Grand Lodge of England was organized in 1717.
While the lodge will be a legally constituted Lodge of Master Masons working under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, it will proudly claim its heritage as a English Emulation Lodge with a special mission: to practice and share the customs and rituals that imbue the fraternal experience in England and the Commonwealth. With Goose and Gridiron Lodge No. 1717 Ohio Masons may experience English Emulation Ritual and custom without leaving the state.
In addition to its study of Emulation Ritual, the lodge seeks to capture and practice many of the foundational elements of English Lodges, such as festive boards, philosophical education, dress, programs and charities. By doing so, the Lodge will provide an environment that is distinguished and warm, social and philosophical, exclusive and inviting.
Goose and Gridiron Lodge No. 1717 will meet four times a year in dedicated lodge rooms within the state of Ohio unless authorized by special dispensation of the Grand Master.
To become a member of Goose and Gridiron Lodge No. 1717 a Brother must be a Master Mason, join as either a plural or dual member and must remain in good standing with his primary Lodge.

I understand that several Ohio Masons who are also members of UGLE's Internet Lodge 9659 helped to get this lodge started, with some especially passionate remarks on the floor from RW Caid McKinley, PDDGM. They were also encouraged by Grand Lodge officers who attended UGLE's 300th anniversary celebration in London last year.

By the way, congratulations are in order to MW Jess N. Raines, the new Grand Master of Ohio for 2018-19 (photo). And to outgoing Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Rick Schau for his outstanding year.

UPDATE 10/16/2018

After I posted this message on Sunday I was reminded that the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia has its own similar type of lodge. Chartered in 2001, Fiat Lux lodge No. 1717 works Emulation Ritual, uses English regalia, and follows English custom, even though it is an American lodge chartered by D.C. They meet up north at the Takoma Masonic Temple. 

Then today, I received the following announcement from Brother Mike Jennings in Alberta:
I am pleased to tell you that a group of mostly past masters in the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Alberta AF&AM have just received dispensation to charter a travelling Craft Lodge of Past Masters focused on promoting masonic fellowship in a table lodge environment at suitable taverns, public houses and inns, also called the Goose & Gridiron #203. We have taken our inspiration from the lodges who met in and around 1717 at such places. We will be travelling around Alberta promoting the table lodge setting and we hope to be a suitable place for sitting masters to seek help from a group of past masters in matters pertaining to fellowship within their own lodge.


  1. Wow, what a great idea. As someone who enjoys the differences in rituals between jurisdictions this is a wonderful way for folks to enjoy the diversity of Masonry without traveling overseas.

  2. As an Ohio Mason I am really excited for the direction GG1717 is going.

  3. The lodge is a splendid idea and debate over the 1717 origin of the grand lodge will doubtless enliven some meetings. Professor Andrew Prescott has become identified, along with Professor Susan Sommers, with the challenge to the 1717 date. The debate is certainly zongoing and Dr. Prescott will present additional evidence at the World Conference on Fraternalism in Paris, promising some highly interesting evidence. Papers defending the date are very welcome. See http://www.ipsonet.org/conferences/ritualconference-main/wcffh19prelim

  4. You don't mention the important tradition of memorising the ritual instead of reading it


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