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Monday, June 11, 2018

No He Isn't, And No It's Not

This photo has been flying around social media all weekend, and already the howling has begun.

Yes, I know, it looks like President Trump is holding a white lambskin Masonic apron.

No, Donald Trump is NOT a Freemason. 

(And no, former president Barack Obama is NOT one either.)

And no, it's NOT an apron, but a diplomatic envelope being delivered to the President by North Korean envoy Kim Yong Chol.

And while it's remotely possible that there is a minuscule handful of Freemasons alive in North Korea these days, it's NOT likely, and Kim Yong Chol in particular is one of the last guys on Earth who would be associated with it.

And no, it's NOT "significant" that Thomas Jefferson's photo is hanging in the background, because no, Thomas Jefferson (the THIRD President!!!) was NOT provably a Freemason — much less a 33rd degree one (however, if anybody can dig up an authentic record saying otherwise either from his days in Paris or the lodge in Charlottesville, you'll get extra green beans with your steak dinner).

But for those of you who still believe this nonsense, here you go. The generic foil works just as good as the expensive Reynolds Wrap.


  1. Hahaha, funny. A mysterious Canadian sent me one of those foil caps. Still have it somewhere.

    For those interested, President Ford was the last Masonic President we have had and President Reagan was an honorary member of the Scottish Rite. President Clinton was a Demolay member. Both Presidents Bush are members (alumni) of Yale's Skull and Bones. During the 90's, Prince Hall Masonry in South Korea was very strong and several good South Korean men were Prince Hall Masons.

  2. Honedtly Chris, the article title was enough! Seriously, it had the requisite information and humor!

  3. Thomas Jefferson once marched in a Masonic funeral. Ronald Reagan accepted a framed certificate making him an honorary Scottish Rite Mason. Lincoln allegedly was thinking of joining but events intervened. One could collect all this into a book -- famous men who didn't know they were Masons. More seriously, the claims made for Winston Churchill, Prince Phillip and other worthies who paid some dues but were uninvolved underscore the desperate attempts to claim relevance. The truth is that we long ago lost the prestige that would bring in men of prominence. A majority of the grand masters are very routine chaps, for whom the affairs of lodge are the biggest job they have ever had.

  4. Suuuure. Like we're supposed to believe you? And as everybody knows, you need a triple layer of foil to block the new ultra-high frequency MK-ULTRA beams those reptilian NSA goons are supplying to the Queen of England. Trust me I'm a doctor.

    1. Carlos of LPI 539July 22, 2019 9:43 PM

      Dr Martin Luthet King jr was said to be interested in joining and was in process to do so. Prince Hall masons provided support of sorts during his civil rights work. He was assassinated before he was able to initiate his first degree..

  5. The rumors about Obama started when he was running for POTUS, and he spoke at a Scottish Rite building, which was the largest building in the town to handle the crowd. Also he's seen at some point, most likely when he was a senator, shaking hands with a Prince Hall Shriner. Amazing what imaginations people have and at the same time so little information to go on.

  6. Tin foil and aluminum foil are (forgive the pun) old hat. The latest in anti-thought control helmets is Velostat plastic, the same anti-static stuff they ship circuit board in.

  7. Thank you for making this post! I never knew about this photo until now, but I did know that Donald Trump is certainly a Freemason. This is just more evidence for my collection, thank you!



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