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Saturday, March 31, 2018

New Masonic Tobacciana

My friend John Bridegroom has been at it again. He's part of a handful of Masons dedicated to improving the state of modern fraternal-related material culture by offering lovingly designed items for sale. Case in point: have a look at his latest creation. 

The "Crucible" pewter Masonic ashtray, perfect for the cigar lovers out there, and rugged enough for us pipe smokers to bang our bowls on, too. It's 12" across, and 1 1/2" thick. 

He's charging $99.95 for its basic version (above), and another $15 if you want the stained walnut wooden base, too (photo at right).  

Order from The Masters Craft website HERE.

It's beautiful enough to fight to get your Temple's smoking lounge back. Or at least build a deck out back.

(And the first anti-tobacco reactionary who tries to post a screed here gets it right in the nose. This is the Adult Swim end of the web.)

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  1. Hello Bro Al Olive, alpha and omega login 647 Ft. Worth Texas. I want this ashtray, however I'm having trouble finding where to order. The link displays an error.


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