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Friday, June 16, 2017

Thanks to Samuel Gompers-Benjamin Franklin Lodge 45

Many thanks to everyone who came out on Tuesday night for the "Idiot and Dummy" program with Brent Morris and me at Samuel Gompers-Benjamin Franklin Lodge 45 at the Takoma Masonic Center in Washington D.C. We've both wanted to do a joint presentation like this for about a dozen years now, and no one has ever asked before. I hope letting us just answer questions and free associate for 90 minutes or so was as interesting and entertaining for everyone else as it was for us both.

My deepest gratitude to WM Michael Greenwald and all of the brethren and numerous visitors to SG-BF 45. Great food, great friendships, and a great evening all the way around.

This lodge room is absolutely beautiful, and it was magnificently redecorated not that many years ago by an extremely talented and dedicated artist. I had only seen photos of the ceiling when it was partially painted, but the total effect is stunning in person. It is truly amazing the effects accomplished by paint in the hands of a truly skilled master artist. 

Photos by Carlo Merhi

The lodge actually rents their space from Hiram-Takoma Lodge 10, and I am told that it is extremely unusual in that their lodge room and the building itself straddles the dividing line between the District of Columbia and Maryland, despite their D.C. charter.

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