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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Speaking at Ohio's Nova Caesarea Harmony Lodge #2 This Saturday

Since I'm in shameless self-promotion mode this morning already, I should note that I will be speaking on Saturday morning, June 3rd, at Nova Caesarea Harmony Lodge 2 in Miamitown, Ohio. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that the deadline for RSVPs has already passed (thankfully, I remembered to tell them early on that I would be there...). However, if you have a desire to attend and didn't know about this event ahead of time, try contacting WB Rodney Epperson at repperson@ohiomasonichome.org and throw yourself on his mercy. Feel perfectly free to blame me if you like.

There will be a welcome reception at 10:00AM, with brunch at 11:00AM. I will begin my yakking following the meal, in hopes of not affecting your digestion.

Please note that WB Epperson emphatically noted that RSVPs are a must, and they are making a list of registered attendees. So you really do need to contact him and see if he'll bend the rules at this point. The cost for the event is $20, and that is payable at the door only (cash or checks, no credit cards).

The lodge is located at 8021 Harrison Ave, Miamitown, OH (now in the former temple of Columbia Lodge 44 - there is a discrete S&C over the door). Miamitown is located between the Indiana state line and Cincinnati, off of I-275. 

Note that some smartphones and GPS units will be confused by the Miamitown address, so you may have to tell yours it's actually in Cleves, Ohio to get to the right place. Parking is available in the bank lot across the street.

Nova Caesarea Lodge is one of Ohio’s oldest, predating the Grand Lodge and even Ohio’s own admission into statehood. 

On September 8, 1791, the Grand Lodge of New Jersey granted a charter to a small group of pioneers living in Cincinnati, a newly settled town tucked in the southwest corner of the untamed Ohio Valley. The dangers of the frontier delayed the charter for more than three years, but in December of 1794, the first members of Nova Caesarea Lodge No. 10 met to elect their officers.

Subsequently, Cincinnati Lodge No. 13 was chartered in 1806 by the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, made up of members who had originally formed Nova Caesarea Lodge No. 10 under their New Jersey charter fifteen years before. They returned the charter to that grand lodge prior to requesting a new one from the closer Grand Lodge of Kentucky.

Even though Ohio had statehood approved by Thomas Jefferson in 1803, it would take until 1808 for Cincinnati Lodge to join with five others to form the new Grand Lodge of Ohio. The renumbered and renamed Nova Caesarea Harmony Lodge No. 2 has been officially known as such since 1813, but will celebrate the 226th anniversary of its original formation this year.

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