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Monday, December 21, 2015

Japanese Book About Freemasonry?

I received a message today from a Brother wanting to know if Freemasons For Dummies is available in Japanese. I'm afraid it's not - French, Dutch, German, Romanian and Turkish, I believe, are the only international editions that have been printed by Wiley.

Does anyone know of a good, introductory book on Freemasonry that's available in Japanese? I have never heard of one. Please let me know at hodapp@aol.com, or post it here as a comment. Many thanks.

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  1. Wow, last time I visited the MW Grand Lodge of Japan was over twenty years ago. A wonderful visit.

    Our Japanese Masonic Brethren seem to be very cautious and careful about what they consider as being factual/relevant books about Freemasonry. Check out FAQ section of their Grand Lodge Website and hit the reading Tab for more on this.

    "Masonry in Japan:The First One Hundred Years,1866 to 1966, by Nohea O. A Peck, is the only book mentioned as having legitimacy regarding Japanese Masonry on their Grand Lodge Website. It can be purchased on Amazon and is reviewed favourably by a PGM of Japan. Unfortunately, it is only available in English.

    Finally, there is a Kindle Edition (written in the Japanese language) of "History of Masonry in Yokohama", by Dumbale Tell-Kaz. It may or may not be good. It, also, is available on Amazon.

    Documented Japanese Freemasonry started around 1862 under Irish Constitution. Sometime during 1866, English Constitution took over Japanese Masonry, beginning with, Yokohama, Japan.

    So the Kindle Edition may be your only option.😀


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