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Friday, March 08, 2013

Queen's Nurse

When Queen Elizabeth II left the hospital this week, she was escorted by a helpful nurse who had an interesting belt buckle on. Is she a female Mason?

UPDATE: According to a post this morning by Arturo DeHoyos in the Oklahoma Scottish Rite group, that buckle is presented to nurses as they graduate from nurses' training at the Royal Masonic Hospital in London.  Thanks to Bill Hosler.


  1. There's a five pointed star next to the S&C, so I think it would be a more reasonable assumption to think that she's an Eastern Star.

  2. The United Grand Lodge of England does not recognize the Order of the eastern Star, and it does not exist in England. See my update from Art DeHoyos.

  3. Items related to the nurse, the Jewel she is wearing on her tunic is the lower half of the Royal Masonic Hospital Charity Jewel minus the blue ribbon. The star on
    the belt buckle is part of the
    R.A.C. Jewel; she must have graduated before 1992 as this is when the hospital closed. These belts are now getting very rare and the odd one does come up on eBay and always make good money.
    With regards to the Order of the Eastern Star, the U.G.L.E. may not recognize them, but they do meet in Scotland and they do exist in parts of England, I have one not more then 12 mile from my place of residence. They meet in the Walkerville Centre near Newcastle-upon-Tyne Province of Northumbria and I have the pleasure to know a few of the members.

  4. An interesting pamphlet from The Library and Museum of Freemasonry:


    Also note she is also wearing a RMH nurse's jewel underneath the middle of her collar as well.

  5. Thanks for the information on UGLE recognition of the Easter Star. I was contacted by a brother to tell me just that after I posted my comment. One question I have is about the willingness of a political figure to be publicly associated with Masonry. Maybe the Queen or her entourage was unaware of the nurse's accessories? For instance, if an American president was seen associating with someone wearing such things these days, there might be a public outcry followed by a heated debate and Bro Hodapp might find himself on several news outlets defending the craft. Would you agree with that assessment? And would the same be true in the UK?

  6. Kevin, I believe that the Queen is considered the Patroness of the UGLE, and her cousin is the Grand Master. Plenty of connections already implicit. The fact that the nurse graduated from a Masonically funded teaching hospital should have no bearing. It would be a similar situation if an American president were treated at a Shrine-funded hospital.

  7. I visited the UGLE the other day and they have a brass pentagram in the doorstep.

    I Googled for "Queen leaving Masonic hospital" having seen this photo on Facebook, and the widepsread prejudice and ignorance about Freemasonry is very worrying - there's a lot of nutters out there who think Freemasonry is "evil" and "satanic". I guess they are the same nutters who also want to attack Wicca, Paganism and the occult in general.

  8. The Summer 2013 issue of Freemasonry Today (the official publication of the United Grand Lodge of England) has a blurb about this photo on page 68. Under the category of the Masonic Samaritan ind, the article is titled "Historic Badge of Honor."

    You can read the magazine on-line at www.freemasonrytoday.com

    Richard Muth, PM
    Parian Lodge No. 662
    St James Lodge No. 457
    Beaver, PA

  9. Yes, I would say their are most certainly full UGLE recognised Female Masons in England. From what i have read on the UGLE site- Feminine Masonry has at least 2 Grand Lodges, which would indicate to me several non grand lodges. Truthfully I wish they would open lodges for women here in the U S.
    James Staples V
    SW Trenton 111
    32 AASR


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