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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Anti-Masonic Sentiment in Middle East

The Middle East continues to be rife with anti-Masonic sentiment. King Abdullah of Jordan was interviewed this week in The Atlantic and referred to the Muslim Brotherhood as a "Masonic cult".

And just ahead of President Obama's visit to Israel and Jordan, the official Palestinian Authority daily printed a pro-Hitler article that had the following quote:

"Our history is replete with lies [incliuding] the lie about Al-Qaeda and the September 11 events, which asserted that Muslim terrorists committed it, and that it was not an internal American action by the Freemasons."

And so it goes.

H/T to Eoghan Ballard


  1. Wasn't King Hussein of Jordan a proud and prominent Freemason? This is a terribly unfortunate and lacking continuation of his legacy.

    Bro. Joshua V. Pollock
    Senior Warden
    Kewanee Lodge #159
    Grand Lodge of Illinois

  2. While the assertion that King Hussein of Jordan was a Freemason appeared in print in several places, including the Philalethes magazine, the assertion was never accompanied by documentation. I made a determined effort several years ago to track down the truth of it, and it appears unsupportable. Unfortunately, some masonic writers are content to take hearsay or internet rumor and publish it as fact.

    Tom Ball


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