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Monday, February 18, 2013

Laudable Pursuit

It appears that the Knights of the North website has finally disappeared. I suspect Jeff Naylor simply decided he didn't want to pay for the domain anymore. For those interested in downloading a copy of Laudable Pursuit, click here: http://www.hodapps.com/LaudablePursuitFinal.pdf

If you are interested in a hard copy, a paperback edition is available from Lulu.com here for $7.98.

Laudable Pursuit is an examination of the state of Freemasonry in the United States, and a plan of action for rejuvenating lodges in the 21st century. Based on topics raised in the 1960's by renowned Masonic author, Indiana Past Grand Master Dwight L. Smith - and then promptly ignored by the fraternity – this work is intended as a starting point for the future direction of Freemasonry. Laudaable Pursuit is presented as a combination of both progressive and traditional action for those interested in Freemasonry to its once noble stature in U.S. society, as well as equipping the fraternity for the new century.

The Knights were created as an online Masonic think tank, and the paper was presented in 2005 before Lodge Vitruvian No. 767 in Indianapolis.

Many of the Knights themselves banded together five years ago and formed The Masonic Society.

UPDATE: The site is back up again at http://www.knightsofthenorth.com

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  1. You should be very proud. The ideas extolled in LP have spread throughout the country, and in some areas are accepted as common sense.

    Long live "LP lodges," and the KOTN!



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