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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rectified Rite of the Grand Encampment Officially Disbanded

Most Eminant Grand Master David D. Goodwin of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States has issued General Order No. 4, officially folding the tent of the Rectified Rite (CBCS). As a member of the RER, I am gravely disappointed in this development, and am saddened that both sides could not come to a settlement that would have allowed both of the groups to coexist.

So who do I write to to get my $700 back?

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  1. I'm sorry for my friends for the gamut of their troubles, from disappointment to actually being hurt, in this episode, but I have to believe this resolution is for the best for Freemasonry in general.

    I hope Grand Encampment will turn to improving Templary now. A fine fraternity that has the potential to meet spiritual needs of many Christians in Masonry, the KT instead has been hiding in 19th century clapboard church American chauvinism. It is time to mothball the G.A.R. uniforms, and embrace legitimate Christian traditions and teachings, as appropriate for Freemasonry.

    (No longer a KT.)

  2. Disclaimer: I am not a member of the Rectified Rite of the Grand Encampment.

    This is a very unfortunate development, but one I suspected when I saw the The Great Priory of America would be present at Masonic Week 2013. Freemasonry is, among other things, essentially a VOLUNTEER organization.

    Members who donot feel wanted or appreciated will take their talents and creativity elsewhere. I believe Most Eminent Grand Master David D. Goodwin, made the right decision under the circumstances. But this is far from over.

    Those Freemasons with the Desire, Time, and Means, will find a way to affiliate with a body of the Rectified Rite which will accept them. This is the same problem which occurred among our brethren in London, England, until a viable solution was found.

    I come from a strong esoteric background which was established long before I became a Freemason, and I am keenly aware of the valuable lessons which are offered to Masons of the CBCS. It bothers me that WORTHY Freemasons are being deprived of it's beautiful lessons.

    I am taking sides with Most Eminent Grand Master David D. Goodwin on this issue and leave the following statement on HUMILITY written for Rosicrucian Students, but which I believe can apply to all students and leaders of the different ESOTERIC sciences.

    "You may be a Rosicrucian as a member of the brotherhood, but as a Rosicrucian in Knowledge and Power, the Highest and Greatest among us is but a Child of the Mysteries and UNWORTHY of Rosicrucian Recognition. Proclaim yourself not as a Master, but as a STUDENT, and ever a STUDENT, eternally."

  3. @Magpie Mason,

    Do you believe there should be religiously restrictive bodies within Masonry, such at the Commandery, ROoS, or the CBCS? It's been an interesting conundrum in my mind particularly as I take the Orders.


  4. Hello Bro. Nick!

    I had answered this question at some length on your blog months ago, but deleted the post because it turned out to be more personally reflective than I had intended.

    My short answer is: No, I do not believe there should be religiously restrictive bodies within Masonry in the United States in 2013.

    I'm not in favor of outlawing, changing, or in any way molesting those groups that restrict membership to Christians only. I think if they are in favor of artificially denying themselves talent, and don't mind being regarded as irrelevant by many conscious Masons, then that's fine by me.

    The population of Knights Templar in the United States has plunged by more than 100,000 in the past 15 years. I suspect the number is closer to 150,000. At some point the Order will realize that Cap'n Crunch uniforms, "Onward Christian Soldiers," and banal sword drills do not engage the 21st century Mason, but that awakening only can come from within.


  5. I think you are quite right Bro. Jay. I fear that some Masons seek to make Masonry Christian as evidenced by the comments on found on my open question on joining the Commandery. It is no longer the restriction of Masons that are Jewish, Muslim, or other non-Christian faiths. Now, many Masons join who are not any defined faith but hold a sincere belief in G-d. We may be witnessing Nero and his fiddle at this point although, the attempt to bring the CBCS to a wider audience seemed to express a desire to do something different. I guess we'll never know now.


  6. Nick, the other problem you will run into (you, meaning those who wish something different, which the CBCS was supposedly trying to do in the US) is that a number of GLs have clauses in their Constitutions preventing Masons from joining anything but the approved appendant orders:
    The General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons
    International; The Grand Royal Arch Chapters of the
    Several States and Territories of the United States, and
    the Royal Arch Chapters and other Bodies under their
    jurisdiction; the General Grand Council of Cryptic
    Masons International; The Grand Councils of Royal and
    Select Masters of the several States and Territories of the
    United States, and the Councils under their jurisdiction;
    The Grand Encampment of the United States; The
    Grand Commanderies of the several States and
    Territories of the United States, and the Commanderies
    under their jurisdiction; The Supreme Councils of the
    Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the Northern and
    Southern Jurisdictions of the United States, and the
    various Bodies under their jurisdiction; The Imperial
    Council of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the
    Mystic Shrine for North America, and the Temples
    under their jurisdiction

    Anything outside of those is verboten ... except when it isn't.

    So, for example, you'll see that the Allied Masonic Degrees are not mentioned in that list, however, in the jurisdiction that list was pulled from, there are two AMD Councils.

    In other words, some groups are more equal than others.

  7. @MP,

    I really don't understand how any of this works but I'm going to think out loud. Does this mean, at the same time, that a group of brothers within a state could organize a Lodge of Saint Andrew and be allowed to practice de facto, just as AMD Councils do?


  8. @Nick:

    In theory, the same handling should be given as the AMD gets.

    In practice?

    Not likely. The "not on the approved list" body would likely need to be one with huge pull in the GL, SC, or YR Grand body.

    For example, I doubt there are that many in the GL in question who are aware of the Operatives Assemblages.

    And few movers and shakers in the appropriate Appendant Order's leaderships have any interest, that, in that state, forming an Assemblage is unlikely - it would be pointed out as unapproved, and those trying to form such a group would find themselves up on charges.

  9. Just a reminder for those esoterically inclined Masons,

    The British Masonic organization called, "The August Order of Light", has their website up and running. On their website, it is stated there are plans to open an Order of Light Temple in the U.S. but no date is given.

    The qualification for membership in The August Order of Light is to be a Master Mason in good standing. There is no Christian requirement.

    From the website: "While the Rosicrucian Society illustrates the teachings of the Mystics of the Middle Ages of Europe, this Order gives a view of Oriental ideas of Theology and Cosmogony."

  10. The British Masonic organization called, "The August Order of Light", has their website up and running. On their website, it is stated there are plans to open an Order of Light Temple in the U.S. but no date is given.

    And that's great - but, as soon as they have the MM requirement, a majority of US GLs are going to say that within their jurisdiction, it will be a de facto appendant body, and some of them will state that it may not exist within their jurisdiction, because of that.


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