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Monday, January 07, 2013

Iberian Center for Masonic Studies International Competition

The Iberian Center for Masonic Studies (CIEM) calls all Spanish, Portuguese, English and French speaking masons to participate in the First International Competition of Masonic Essay, which will take place in 2013.

The aim of this competition is to promote the investigation of the following themes:

the historical development of the Masonic Order;
the intrinsic values of Freemasonry;
the defense and preservation of our patrimony.

1. The competition is open to all Masons, without distinction.

2. The official languages of the competition are Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

3. The essays presented must be unpublished and three printed copies are to be sent, double-spaced, typed in 12-point Times Font, in letter-sized sheets. Also, the electronic file must be enclosed in a compact disc.

4. The essays should not exceed 10.000 words.

5. The essays should begin on the second page. This page and all the following should not contain information susceptible of identifying the author.

6. The essays should appear undersigned with a pseudonym, enclosing, in another envelope, a card containing the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the author. The envelope will bear the chosen pseudonym. The originals presented will not be returned.

7. The bibliography should be enclosed as an annex with the essay.

8. The authors should include a certificate drawn up by the Secretary of their Lodge, attesting to their affiliation and membership to a Masonic Jurisdiction.

9. The essays should be sent to the following address: Centro Ibérico de Estudios Masónicos (CIEM), Apartado de correos 6.203, 28080 – Madrid (Spain) or via e-mail at: ciem.madrid@gmail.com
10. The deadline for presenting essays is the 1st of December, 2013.
11. The prize will be communicated on the 22nd of December, 2013.
12. The jury, made up by Master Masons, will award a first and only prize consisting of a diploma proving their condition as the winner of the competition, as well as the amount of 250 Euros.
13. The jury may, in the case of it being justified by the quality and interest of other essays, concede an accessit or declare the prize void if the essays do not meet the required quality standards.
14. The essays chosen will be published in the web site www.cienmas.org and transmitted, electronically as well as in print, to the Grand Lodges and the main Masonic institutions.

For further information, contact the Secretariat of the Competition at the following e-mail address: ciem.madrid@gmail.com or by post to the Centro Ibérico de Estudios Masónicos (Iberian Centre for Masonic Studies) CIEM, International Competition of Essay, Apartado de correos 6.203, 28080 – Madrid (España) 

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