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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thanks to Colorado Brethren

Back from speaking at Columbine Lodge #147's "Colorado Night" at the Denver Consistory.

So, when I landed at the Denver airport Friday and went to pick up my bags, I looked up, and I'm standing in front of the way creepy "soldier killing women with a sword" mural. WTF were they thinking here? The snow was coming down by the wagonload, with sloppy wet flakes the size of sugar packets. I got off the car rental bus and walked ten feet, and was covered in glue-like snow. Thank God for National Car Rental's Emerald Aisle. Pay for a midsize car, but take anything on the lot. Let's see. $39 for the weekend for the Impala, or the Hummer H3. Hmmm. Hummer FTW!

The snow stopped and had completely melted by Saturday afternoon, which was great for the Columbine event.

Many thanks to WM Lance Rommerdahl, Grand Master Brian Cotter, their lovely ladies Robin and Jeanie, the members and officers of Columbine Lodge, and everyone who came out tonight. Over 100 folks were there, and it was a fantastic evening. It was great to meet new brethren and a few gentlemen interested in joining, as well.

And a very big shout out to the Job's Daughters who served dinner. You girlz rock!

All weekend long, the news has been doing retrospectives of the massacre at Columbine High School ten years ago. I hate that this is the image most people have of this community. I choose to think of Columbine, Colorado for the room filled with friends and brethren this evening, and the way they are making a difference in their community. A thousand thanks are not enough.

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