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Saturday, April 18, 2009

French Masonic Literary Presentation 4/29

Friend and brother Phillipe Benhamou (the co-author of the French version of Freemasons For Dummies, "La Franc-maçonnerie pour les Nuls") will be speaking with French authors Eric Giacometti ("La Croix Des Assassins") and Sophie Coignard ("A State Within A State") in a program called "Secret Society, or Discrete Society, or Freemasonry: Truths and Fantasies" in Paris.

The event is hosted by the literary society Obsessed Textual on Wednesday April 29th, at the Hotel Lenox Montparnasse , 15 rue Delambre - 75014 Paris.

Eric Giacometti, a non-Mason, is the co-author of La Croix des Assassins, part of a series of police procedural novels co-written with Freemason Jacques Ravenna. The four books feature a Masonic police commissioner and murders that involve Masonic symbolism.

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