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Monday, April 13, 2009

Indiana Freemasons' Hall 100th in June

I am proud to be a part of the Indianapolis Masonic Temple Board and to have the honor of serving with a talented group of visionary brethren who are dedicated to preserving and improving Indiana Freemasons' Hall. It is the headquarters of our Grand Lodge here in Indiana, along with lodges, York Rite bodies, OES Chapters, an AMD Council, and a DeMolay chapter. We'll be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the building on June 13th this year.

The Board has been working to bring new residents and services to the building over the last three years. We are proud to announce that the Indiana Grand Lodge Library & Museum will be returning to Freemasons' Hall after a dozen years of languishing in Franklin. It is our hope, along with the library board, that its new location will make it a valuable asset to Masons and academic researchers.

My friend and brother Nathan Brindle has just redesigned the website for Indiana Freemasons' Hall. Nathan and I have been friends for more than 30 years, and we joined Broad Ripple Lodge just over 10 years ago together. He has served as secretary for two lodges and belongs to three. He's a part of the officer's line in the Indianapolis Valley's Lodge of Perfection. He's the secretary/treasurer of The Masonic Society. And he's the secretary of the Temple Board, as well. He is truly a pillar of leadership and responsibility, which makes him unquestionably a glutton for punishment.

That goes for Board President Jim Dillman, as well, who ends his third shift workday almost every day with another two or three hours in the early morning at the Temple.

The new website features our brand new logo, which was designed by Bro. John Bridegroom. John is a talented artist and is responsible for the exquisite design of the Masonic Society patents.

The Temple will be rededicated this year on June 13th, and Congressman Dan Burton, a member of Evergreen-Oriental Lodge #500, will be the keynote speaker at the rededication.

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