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Saturday, March 02, 2019

Denver Airport Adds Smart Aleck Gargoyle

It was the inevitable result of Colorado legalizing cannabis. 

As reported last summer, the management of the Denver Airport decided to embrace to their collective bosom its long reputation as ground zero for New World Order conspiracism (see Denver Airport Embraces Its Conspiracy Reputation). So, they erected a series of billboards during their terminal remodeling project that played up the cornucopia of conspiracies that have been attached to the place ever since it opened in 1995. Things like subterranean political prisoner tunnels, Nazi runways, Illuminati headquarters, Masonic overlords, a UFO base for reptilians, ancient alien messages in plain sight, their Satanic horse. And gargoyles. 

"What's happening behind this wall? Gargoyle breeding grounds? A top secret Freemason meeting?"

The posters aren't really out of focus at all. The photos in them are actually two-color 3-D images as an added bonus for anyone geeky enough to be traveling with their red and blue glasses. If you're going to run with a gag, you might as well go all the way.

'Notre Denver' by artist Terry Allen
Lesser known spooky characters of the Denver Airport are their two gargoyles,
perched on suitcases near baggage claim.
Well, they have now taken it to the next step. Apparently the billboard campaign has been popular enough that the management has now added a new live, interactive Gargoyle statue in the main terminal that heckles passing passengers.

I still say the Grand Lodge of Colorado needs to create an airport billboard campaign in a similar vein. But then, that's just what they'd be expecting us Masons to do...

(H/T Nathan Brindle)

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