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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Denver Airport Embraces Its Conspiracy Reputation

It seems that the infamous Denver Airport has at long last decided to give in and accept its longstanding legendary reputation as Conspiracy Central (See The Spooky Denver Airport HERE). 

Face it: if you already have the rep of being home to subterranean political prisoner tunnels, Nazi runways, Illuminati headquarters, Masonic overlords, a UFO base, ancient alien messages in plain sight, and a satanic horse out front, what else can you do?

The notorious airport is currently undergoing some major construction, so they have erected several large signs to alert passengers. But instead of the traditional "pardon our dust" messages that usually adorn such projects, they've gone a little more creative. 

And I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that Colorado legalized marijuana not long ago...

"Under Construction? Or underground tunnels?"

"Are we creating the world's greatest airport? Or preparing for the end of the world?"
"Building the Illuminati headquarters? Remodeling the Lizard People's Lair?"

"What's happening behind this wall? Gargoyle breeding grounds? A top secret Freemason meeting?"

Now, if the Grand Lodge of Colorado doesn't hop on this and create their own airport billboard campaign in a similar vein I'll be very disappointed in them.

I figured this was appropriate out of the Mile High City today just as Alice, Wiley and I drive around Denver and turn back eastward for home. (We're currently at 9,600 feet, but who's counting?)

By the way, I see that on AMC's Lodge 49 that the lodge's Supreme Leader lives in an Airstream trailer. 

Tell me that the producers don't read this blog...

(H/T to Nathan Brindle. Photos from Facebook courtesy John Trulli and William Dantzler)

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  1. It would be awesome if they could put in a small lodge room. Airport Lodge #5280. Grand Lodge couuld sell shirts, hats and challenge ciins.

    THAT would have the conspiracy nuts going bonkers.


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