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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Masonic Renewal Committee Essay Winners for 2017

The Masonic Renewal Committee of Canada, the United States, and Mexico is charted by the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America, Inc. Its purpose is to facilitate innovative endeavors of Masonic Jurisdictions as they strive to move the Craft forward. To do this, the Masonic Renewal Committee draws on the expertise of a number of Past Grand Masters as well as representatives from the Northern and Southern Jurisdictions of the Scottish Rite, Shriners International, and other distinguished Freemasons.

Just before the Conference, the Masonic Renewal Committee announced the 2017 winners of the David R. Bedwell Essay Contest. The contest was named in honor of Ill. Brother Bedwell, 33°, a pillar of the Scottish Rite, NMJ, who served as an Active Member and Deputy for Michigan. He was also Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Michigan, 2002-2003. David passed to the Celestial Lodge Above in July 2016.

In the flurry of activity around here during the Conference of Grand Masters in February, I neglected to post this message in a timely manner. So my apologies to the contestants for the delay—although it's not as though no one else covered this elsewhere.

The theme of the essay contest was “Masonic Renewal – What Does it Mean to You Now and in the Future?” Prize money was awarded to the winners: first place, $1,500; second place, $1,000; third place, $500.

The 2018 winners are:

First Place:
Thomas Ubriaco III
Essex Lodge #7
Grand Lodge of New Jersey
Click here to read the essay

Second Place:
Chase William Gordon
Glendale Lodge #23
Grand Lodge of Arizona
Chase is also the International Master Councilor, Order of DeMolay
Click here to read the essay

Third Place:
John A. Staples
Morning Star Lodge, No. 17
Grand Lodge of New Hampshire
Click here to read the essay

Congratulations to all!

The Masonic Renewal Committee is sponsoring the David R. Bedwell Essay Contest again in 2018. The theme is "What is the Purpose of Freemasonry Now and in the Future?" Details will be available soon on the MRC website

In addition, the MRC is in the early phases of an exciting new program. If it goes as planned, all Masonic lodge officers and members will find it inspiring, informative, and most of all, helpful in reinvigorating lodges at the local level. Stay tuned!


  1. Brother Staples' essay has practical suggestions and avoids generalities.

  2. Bro. Hodapp - Thank you so much for posting this to your blog. It is much appreciated.
    S & F,
    Thomas Ubriaco III
    Senior Deacon
    Essex #7 - GL of NJ


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