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Friday, January 25, 2013

Dignified Lodge Practices Approved in Colorado

Karl J. Hinkle, Grand Master of Colorado, has issued an official decision encouraging chambers of reflection, processions and chains of union. According to Grand Master Hinkle,

Some have raised objections to these practices, voicing various objections. These practices do not constitute "innovations in the body of Masonry," as some have asserted. Nor are they the "property" of other appendant and concordant organizations.

Therefore, it is my Decision that practices to include, but not be limited to, chambers of reflection, processions of officers and brethren into and out of a Lodge room, and chains of union are authorized in the Grand Lodge of Colorado. Indeed, these practices and similar observances are to be encouraged, as they dignify and adorn the Masonic experience of our brethren. They are to be decidedly Masonic in content, character, or style. In order not to conflict with the ritual as authorized by the Custodians of the Work, these embellishments are to be conducted prior to the opening gavel rap or after the closing gavel rap of a Lodge meeting. Were the Custodians of the Work to revise the ritual at some future date to include any such practices or observances, and the grand Lodge were to adopt such revisions, such would become a part of the approved ritual."

Click image to enlarge. H/T to Cliff Porter.

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  1. These practices do not constitute "innovations in the body of Masonry," as some have asserted.

    Why do so many GLs continue to disallow innovations?

    The phrase many WMs are charged with (usually #11 in most lists) is "that it is not in the Power of any person, or Body of men, to make any Innovation in the Body of Masonry," which is, in and of itself an innovation - the original wording has been reduced, it used to end with "without the consent first obtained of the Annual Grand Lodge."

    UGLE, at least, still gets that right in their charges to the Master, again #11.


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