Sunday, July 03, 2011

WEOFM: "Critical Reading of Masonic Literature" by Yoshio Washizu, PGM

The 19th video presentation from the Worldwide Exemplification of Freemasonry is now available. This week's program is "Critical Reading of Masonic Literature" by Yoshio Washizu, PGM.

R:.W:.B:. Yoshio Washizu is a Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Japan.

The Worldwide Exemplification of Freemasonry 2011 Lecture Series is a free presentation of Masonic education endorsed by the Grand Lodge of Indiana F&AM, beginning January 1, 2011 and running through December 31, 2011.

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Whitecap said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Critical thinking is a skill that is (sadly) not taught much and is a life skill that we should not be without, especially in this day and age.
W.D.Patterson PGM
Grand Lodge of Japan