Saturday, July 09, 2011

I'm Making Some Facebook Changes

Facebook, in its infinite wisdom, continues to restrict personal page friend lists to 5,000 contacts. When I started my Facebook page, I was clueless as to its inner workings, and never figured on bumping up against this limitation. Frankly, I've been a little astonished at the interest, and I appreciate everyone who has signed up as a friend there. Unfortunately, I am close to hitting the 5,000 limit this week.

As a result of Facebook's tyrannical rule, I am encouraging folks to "LIKE" the new fan page for Freemasons For Dummies, so I don't have to bounce friend requests. Eventually, I will make my personal page a quieter place.

CLICK HERE, and many thanks for your understanding.

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Benjamin said...

Awesome... and for any other Lodge that needs to do the same thing, there's help for converting your profile to a Facebook page. Best wishes.

Benjamin Morin, P.M.
Edgewood Lodge No. 82
Edgewood, NM