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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Now THAT'S a Masonic Building!

Masonic building ("Casa do Maçom") spotted on Google Earth in Nova America, Brazil at coordinates 20 34 45.51 S, 48 34 34.14 W.
Click the photo to enlarge.

(Forwarded by way of Mark Tabbert from Alan Jones)

The "House of Mason John Baroni" (Casa do Maçom Joao Baroni) offers lodging to Masons and their families from all over Brazil who undergo treatment at the local Cancer Hospital. It is in Barretos, a suburb of Sao Paulo. It was constructed by the Grand Orient de Sao Paulo, and contains eleven furnished rooms for guests.

From the street in a photo by Rodolfo Lomas.

I'd like to speak to that architect. Broad Ripple Lodge needs a makeover.

UPDATE: Video showing construction and interior guest rooms of Casa do Maçom here.

The building was designed by André Ponciano.

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