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Friday, August 07, 2009

The Lost Symbol and Mount Vernon?

I spoke with a very nice spokeswoman at Mount Vernon today. She informed me, after fielding several other calls about the article in The Scotsman about Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, that their security department wasn't aware of anything like this until today's article, and they were planning nothing special to keep Dan Brown fans from busting into George's burial vault. Of course, perhaps I'm reading Bob Cooper's quote incorrectly. Perhaps he means in the novel Mount Vernon's staff is afraid of the Rosslyn Chapel effect hitting George Washington's home.

(Or perhaps security wouldn't be secure if you told every Dummy™ claiming to be a writer what your secure security plans were.)

I, of course, know the real secret of Rosslyn Chapel and Washington DC. I know where it is, and I know what treasure lies beneath it. And it's hiding in plain sight...


  1. If it helps deter anyone from desecrating the burial vault at Mt. Vernon, let me explain that this is not the original burial place of George Washington. His remains were moved there in 1840, during the age of anti-Masonry, so I think the item Brown supposedly claims was buried with Washington would have been noticed at that time.

  2. People need to remember it's FICTION, designed only to sell books and put money into Mr Brown's pockets....

  3. Yeah. Got it.

    Unfortunately, Brown regularly states in his books that the groups he writes about are all based on fact. The world is now filled with people who, thanks to Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code, think they know the "truth" about Opus dei, the Illuminati, the Priory of Sion and the Vatican. And they are about to be served up a dose of Brown's version of Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite. And possibly George Washington.

    I certainly don't begrudge Brown's ability to spin a good yarn and involve what were once arcane bits of history in his plot lines. My bigger gripe is with the people who read them, and figure they have the inside skinny on something they know nothing about. How many people bothered to try to find out more about Opus Dei, instead of just believing brown's version in Da Vinci Code?

    As Masons, that is why it is vital we get the truth out instead of shrugging and saying "Puhl-eeze. It's just FICtion, peepulz."

  4. Umm, wait - they print it in a book, right? I'm sure that they fact check it before it's published, so it's got to be accurate, right?

  5. "I, of course, know the real secret of Rosslyn Chapel and Washington DC. I know where it is, and I know what treasure lies beneath it. And it's hiding in plain sight..."

    You TEASE....


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