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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Scottish Rite Backdrops Seek New Home

Brother Russ Spice at the Detroit Masonic Center sent me this message. Please contact him if you can think of a new home for these, or I'll pass the message to him:

I am looking for some suggestions concerning stage drops.

The Scottish Rite in Detroit moved out of the Detroit Masonic Temple a few years back. They left the stage drops hanging for us, as they had no need for them that large at their new home. We like the drops and have taken an inventory of what is hanging in the theatre. We have 100 lines. The full size drops are at least 45 feet wide. I have not measured how tall yet. But it appears that they are about 30 feet or so tall. In early September we will take a digital photo inventory and place them on a web page for all to view.

We have a management company that is operating the Temple for us. They have told us that they are trying to book shows in that theater and depending on what is booked, we may have to move some of these drops to make room for drops for the shows that are booked. So we have to be ready to decide what we want to do.

They were made by McDonald Stevens of New York in or before 1926. So at 83 years old I have to think they are somewhat fragile by now. We have a third theater on the top floor, that was never finished nor has it been used.The stage does not have lines installed. Otherwise we would just move them up there.

I need to know if there is anyone who preserves these SR backdrops??? Is there a museum for them?
Is there a SR or other Masonic group who may be looking to buy some. We probably would like to keep some of them to use as backdrops for other business in the room, like a wedding, a corporate meeting, or a church service. But we may have to move some to make room.

I have to think also that folding them would be a no-no. They have hung for 82 years and I would think folding could ruin them.

So if any of you have any suggestions or idea, or experience to share with us, please post your thoughts.

Russ Spice, Secretary
Masonic Temple Association of Detroit

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