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— William Howard Taft

Friday, April 17, 2009

Snow? SNOW?!

I'm flying to Denver for Columbine Lodge's Colorado Night. The WM tells me the show will go on, even if they are predicting 24 inches of snow by Saturday night.

It's 70 everywhere else in the country today. Even in Canada it's 70.

How can this be? Didn't you guys get the memo, no snow after Tax Day?

BTW, here's a plug for a service that is so cool I can't stand it. Tripit is set up so you forward your email confirmations of airlines, hotel rooms, rental cars, etc, to its email address, and it puts it all into one place that can be accessed by your iPhone. All in order, organized by trip, and even plugs in flight status and check in links, plus maps directions to everywhere you're going. As disorganized as I am, I need all the help I can get.


  1. The snow line is running right through Denver. To the west, snow; to the east, rain. Hey, this is Colorado. A few feet of the white stuff doesn't slow us down.

    The mountains are really getting hit and some of the ski areas have extended their closing dates.

    But here in Denver, it will all end by Saturday morning, the sun will come out and it'll all met by evening. Typical spring snow storm.

    W.'.Lance Rommerdahl, 32'
    Master, Columbine Lodge #147,Denver
    Past Master,Frederik Lodge #857, NY
    Secretary, Lakewood Lodge #170, CO

  2. Feh. I think it's Weather Channel Hysteria™. It made me look.

  3. My son, Max is Jr Deacon of Columbine Lodge and a student graduating senior at U of Colorado, Denver. He said it was raining on campus and the streets and sidewalks were clear. Also confirmed by the local stations.

    But, the mountains are getting slammed. Powder Day!!! But if I went skiing I would not get back for Colorado Night. The sacrifices I make for Masonry. ;)

    Lance Rommerdahl
    WM, Columbine Lodge #147

  4. I hate to brag, but my in-laws said it was 57 degrees in Alaska today. Unfortunately, Beth and I couldn't enjoy it. We are stuck in Honolulu, visiting the Grand Lodge of Hawaii, where it was 80 degrees today.


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