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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My *New* Templar Sword

The Ebay seller Classicliterati consistently carries the best and most unusual antique Templar swords. I knew sooner or later I'd succumb to their taunting and temptations. I fell hard for this specimen.

It was made in the 1880s by the Ames Sword Company, and features 3-dimensional knight figures on the hilt and grip, and very rare red and blue decoration on the scrimshaw grip (including the custom initials of its first owner, Sir Knight M. M. Clifford). It is truly one of the most unique and intricate Templar sword designs ever, and was selected as the representative sword featured on the cover of Ames' recently reprinted historical catalog.


  1. Looks like Christmas came early....

  2. Your evil Chris... He has lots of really cool stuff...

  3. Yeah, and you have to check back regularly, because his supply seems endless.

  4. But yours doesn't have a dragon pommel like mine does.

  5. It is beautiful. Congrats, what a special and timeless item.

  6. Oh, man, that is gorgeous. I'm on the York Rite road, and am now really looking forward to having a reason to get a sword.


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