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Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome a New Brother

Check out the blog Sarastro's Temple, a young man's chronicle of his journey through the degrees of Freemasonry. So many Masons quickly lose sight of what it felt like to knock on the lodge door the first time. I was particularly struck by this passage:
"After hearing about how some lodges are "lily-white," and that some areas in the U.S. make it uncomfortable for people of color to become Masons, I find it completely heartwarming that my lodge is so multi-cultured. Almost every minority is represented, and with each of my grandparents from a different country: (American Indian, Mexican, Australian, & Italian), this place just feels good."

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  1. Please bring your website /blog from darkness to light by making it easier to read and follow. The black/dark back ground makes it DIFFICULT to read and follow. And Please change font to at least one size larger for the same reasons.


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