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Monday, December 06, 2021

New Jersey: Former Senior Grand Warden Protests Removal

by Christopher Hodapp

Tumult continues apace in the Grand Lodge of New Jersey this week. Friday's announcement that Gary J. Olsen was removed from his position as Senior Grand Warden by New Jersey Grand Master Robert V. Monacelli brought a rapid response. A tranche of documents was sent out over the weekend by several New Jersey Masons in support of Olsen, which included his response to the edict. In the interest of fairness to all parties involved, I post them below.

GM Monacelli's edict suspended Olsen from his elected position for failure to participate in official Grand Lodge events, committees, appearances and other responsibilities that are part of a grand officer's duties. He was not suspended from the fraternity.

In his letter, Olsen alleges that his removal was done in retaliation for acting as a whistle blower concerning a member of the current Grand Staff accused of un-Masonic conduct:

"The accused brother has admitted to you, the accuser, and to your investigation committee that he committed this act and subsequently tried to resign his position and turn in his collar. Yet you, Grand Master, refused his resignation and still allow him to serve on your staff and instead you choose to remove me from office and forbid my nomination for Deputy Grand Master, for far less."

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Olsen's response to the edict suspending him as SGD:

Just as a random comment, I will say from experience that telling a Grand Master he's exceeded his authority and then demanding him to put you back in as a grand officer again is about as likely as my poodle being crowned queen of the Gas City Pork Festival. 

In fact, even LESS likely.

Prior to suspending Olsen from the Grand Line, GM Monacelli sent the following letter to him in which he specifies numerous occasions, events and meetings that Olsen either failed or refused to participate in, or engaged in what he described as "disruptive behavior." From the text, it would appear that the GM and other members of the Grand Line have had these discussions with him several times. 

In Olsen's correspondence that's been circulated, there is also a letter sent to him last April by the GM in which he was admonished for commenting publicly on social media about an investigation of a Mason that was underway. 

While Olsen is not up on charges and was not suspended or expelled from Freemasonry in New Jersey, it seems that things may get a bit dicier. He was sent an official summons over the weekend to appear at the Grand Lodge this Thursday for publicly asserting a cover-up of some kind in the Grand Lodge.

I'm convinced now more than ever that social media — or rather, anti-social media — will eventually kill us all.


  1. This proves beyond any reasonable doubt that some 'Masons' should have never been initiated at all. It is indeed very strange that such an un Masonic person reached position of Senior Grand Warden. I recommend that him and his rebellious buddies be immediately expelled from the Fraternity. Now I know why we aren't getting or retaining new members.

  2. Brother Olsen did not help things by the replies, although his indignation can be understood. Surely the tempered and cautious as a Masonic teaching is something both sides need to bear in mind. If this was a issue like racial segregation, the tone could be justifiable, but it possibly doesn't have that profound moral significance, at least to to outside observers of the escalation.

  3. A member of the NJ Grand Lodge staff engaged in sexual harassment, and that's not of profound moral significance?

    1. Nope - calling the GL out for poorly handling the situation is the profoundly immoral action.

  4. Well, the kangaroo court is now scheduled for Sept 14th.



    This is to inform you, as a voting member of Grand Lodge, that there will be a Trial of Unmasonic Conduct Charges against R.W. Gary J Olsen on September 14, 2022. The trial will be held at the Historic Trenton Masonic Temple, 100 Barrack Street, Trenton, NJ, in the Ionic Lodge room on the second floor at 6:00 PM. All voting members of Grand Lodge are entitled to attend if you wish to do so. No one will be allowed to gain access to the Trial Room after 5:45PM.

  5. The kangaroos have spoken. R. W. Gary Olsen has been expelled from the craft.


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