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Sunday, September 01, 2019

Man Busted In Georgia For Impersonating a Shriner

Sometimes there are just those run of the mill freelance freeloaders who do stupidly despicable things at the lowest possible level that leave rational people speechless. 

Meet Mr. Tommy Walker, (alleged) panhandler and moron. Walker was busted last week in Cleveland, Georgia by the local constabulary for plopping a fez on his head and claiming he was raising money for the Shriners Hospitals on a street corner.


This reptile is currently residing in the local calaboose for his caddish attempt to defraud unsuspecting passersby and motorists alike from their spare change by slithering under the fraternity and quite literally robbing from crippled children. 

That's pathetically the sort of thing that can happen when a non-Mason can so easily get hold of Masonic-related regalia these days. You'll note in his mug shot above that his sunburned chrome dome clearly betrays his guilt all over the pate with a definite fez line. 

From the AccessWDUN website:
A Baldwin [Georgia] man has been arrested after impersonating a Shriner and collecting money on the street, according to authorities in White County [Georgia].

Capt. Rick Kelley with the White County Sheriff’s Office said deputies received a call Wednesday, August 28 about a man collecting money at the intersection of Highway 254 and Duncan Bridge Road. Callers said they suspected the man was posing as a Shriner.

In an email statement, Kelley said he and deputies responded to the location and found the suspect, identified as Tommy Walker, 48, wearing a Fez and collecting money in a bucket. According to Kelley, Walker was unable to produce a dues card from the Yaarab Shrine Temple.
"I contacted the Temple and they confirmed that Tommy Walker was not Shriner," Kelley said.

Walker was arrested and charged with theft by deception.

Kelley said Walker had collected just over $62 in his bucket. The money will be turned over to the Alpine Shrine Club in Cleveland.

For those who REALLY want to donate to support the fine work and facilities of Shriners Hospitals, you can do so online HERE

And for Georgia men interested in the local Yaarab Shriners, read about them HERE.



  1. This slimeball (sorry, but he doesn't even qualify as a Cowan) apparently has no shame trying to hoodwink passersby into giving him money. He definitely should never darken the door of any Shrine temple.

    The dishonest use of Masonic regalia is akin to the acts of stolen valor unscrupulous losers like this guy would use to get breaks not rightfully his. But, how do you restrict the availability of Masonic regalia to the public outside of vigorously "guarding the West Gate", as it were? And what of the expelled Mason or shriner who would dishonorable use the regalia and try to skate by answering the challenge questions thrown his way?

    1. Well you could enforce rules that makes sure that the GL own all regalia.

  2. There are still U.S. states where impersonating a member of a secret society or fraternal organization is a punishable offense. Those laws didn't vanish in the 20th century, and were strengthened in many cases.

    I was pointed to the following law still on the books in California.

    California Code, Penal Code - PEN CA PENAL § 538b

    Any person who wilfully wears the badge, lapel button, rosette, or any part of the garb, robe, habit, or any other recognized and established insignia or apparel of any secret society, or fraternal or religious order or organization, or of any sect, church or religious denomination, or uses the same to obtain aid or assistance within this State, with intent to deceive, unless entitled to wear and use the same under the constitution, by-laws or rules and regulations, or other laws or enactments of such society, order, organization, sect, church or religious denomination is guilty of a misdemeanor.

  3. Good question,Bob. No easy answer. I think most U.S. Courts of Law would rule in favor of the Masons regarding the copyright or usage of the Square and Compasses.

    Expelled Masons is a Grand lodge issue and some grand lodge jurisdictions may have registered the Square and Compasses, restricting its use within their state. Check with your Grand Secretary. Some Masonic jurisdictions outside the U.S., like the Grand Lodge of Scotland, may have a copyright for the Square and Compasses. And the Grand Lodge of Sweden may have some type of legal protection in place for their predominant Masonic emblem which is the Cross of St.George.

    I have not personally seen it in writing yet, but I imagine Shriners International probably has the Shriners emblem copyrighted because the Shrine is a 100% percent American made Fraternity. It was not imported. And it is ruled by a National governing body with international juridiction.

    So a Master Mason (while remembering his jewels) may challenge another Mason about his membership or make a report if things look unlawful or un-Masonic conduct may be involved. However, always contact law enforcement for anything illegal.

    Finally, remember the Square and Compasses is an ancient symbol. You may see it while traveling outside of the United States used by people who are not regular Freemasons or Freemasons at all. A good example is the Chinese Freemasons,aka,the Hongmen. The Hongmen are a Chinese benevolent society and they Make no claim to regular Freemasonry or to Freemasonry in general. But they do make a claim to use the Square and Compasses in their own unique fashion. I heard the courts ruled in their favor during a challenge in 2010.

    You can sip soup alongside the Hongmen in some of the nice restaurants of Chinatown in Vancouver, Canada. Heck,as long as the Hongmen are doing good, I don't mind them sporting the Square and Compasses.

    I heard most of them go through a single initiation which lasts 4 to 5 hours and may include a traditional blood oath. And here I thought we regular Freemasons had it rough.

    1. The GL of Sweden also own all regalia. So its actully forbidden for expelled Masons to sell regalia.


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