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Monday, September 02, 2019

Ex-NFL Player Larry Johnson's Anti-Masonic Musings

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I'll probably regret posting this because I have given up believing that Masons bother to subdue their passions when it comes to anti-social media these days. Plus, reporting on anyone's Twitter ramblings is almost always a spectacularly bad idea. More so when it ventures into pseudo-political-cultural territory. But here goes.

Mr. Larry Johnson, former NFL running back for the Kansas City Chiefs (2003-2009), burbled out onto his Twitter feed a couple of twisted anti-Masonic insults last week. The most egregious being a suggestion that, while Christian churches and Muslim mosques have seen mass shootings, Masonic temples (and Satanic churches which are somehow associated in his mind) have remained unscathed. 

His obvious inference being that something ought to be done about that. Or something.

And then Johnson decided to veer into loopy paranoia territory with this little bit of prose poetry:

If you seriously have some morbid desire to read the totality of his public drivel for yourself, you'll find the whole silly saga string HERE, reported on the TheComeback.com website by Andrew Bucholtz.

But it's odd that most of the media seems to want to only highlight the "Masonic Effeminate strategy" post, while ignoring what is the more alarming one of suggesting that something maybe outta be done to a Masonic temple and the Masons inside.

For all I know, Mr. Johnson could be deemed an Einstein of the field, or football's mental equivalent of Lenny in Of Mice and Men. I make no judgement either way in the vacuum of my own ignorance. Bear in mind that I am not a past or current football fan. I have never endured an entire football game on television or in person. In 60 years, I have only been compelled to hold a football in my hand three times, and I immediately divested myself of it before coming to any personal danger. Nor do I pretend to keep up with the comings and goings of past athletic has-beens of any variety. But I don't have to be a football fan to spot a stupifyingly irresponsible and unquestionably daffy pair of remarks better left unexpressed, at least in public. Even in an age when making you look is the point of self-gratifying clickbait.

In the article that reported this, author Andrew Bucholtz explained,
It should be noted that Johnson himself told Kent Babb of The Washington Post in 2017 that he believes he has brain disorder chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), that he has anxiety, paranoia, and occasional self-destructive impulses, that he’s considered violence towards himself and others, and that he has growing gaps in his memory. So there’s maybe more going on here than just Johnson saying ridiculous things...
Reportedly, Johnson has posted no shortage of ridiculous and irresponsible things to his 15,000 Twitter followers ever since leaving the NFL in 2009 and discovering the joys of electronic self-expression. His risible conspiracy theories and rantings are apparently something of a legend among those who get their comedy from this sort of thing. If he's truly got an authentic brain disorder, perhaps someone should wrest the phone from his grip before he makes any more allusions to attacking anyone. That's not an idle concern. 

Forget gun confiscation - phone confiscation is really what needs to become mandatory.

According to the font of all wisdom and knowledge, his Wikipedia entry says that Johnson has been arrested at least six times since 2003. Five involved various physical assault charges against women. In 2014, he was arrested for the sixth time after punching a man in a Miami Beach club and allegedly cutting him with a broken bottle. So it isn't especially comical for him to muse on the lack of terrorist attacks on Masons.

None of this would even raise an eyebrow except that NFL news sites and mainstream news sites are picking up the story (albeit concentrating on stirring up "outrage" over Johnson's LQBTQ comments, and soft-pedaling the Masonic stuff).

And if comments get out of hand, I'll just block them.


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    1. Actully it is.
      While he himself might not pose a threat, what he writes might actully be more worrying as it could inspire others to "take action" against freemasons.


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