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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Scottish Rite Masons Rule, Dudes

The press and the chattering classes all have this picture's meaning wrong today

It's clear that some savvy Freemasons used the President's onstage public event to subtly promote a Scottish Rite Golf Outing. Note the double headed bald eagle and the golf clubs gripped in its right talon.

I'll claim it for the NMJ, because we know you SJ guys aren't this nimble. 


Well played, Illustrious Brethren. 


  1. Translating the motto into Spanish with a decidedly negative commentary is an interesting touch. Golf journals are speculating on the choice of clubs. Vigorous applauding and smiles by the President adds a certain irony. Most consider the double eagle to be a Russian influence since the shield has been given a hammer and sickle, but the alumni bulletin of my boarding school suggests either he is promoting baking soda or is a member of an irregular lodge. Truly a picture that has gone around the world.

    1. Double-eagle hasn't been "Russian" since 1896. I call BS on that.

      It's us. You know it is.

  2. Still, the Trump golf club in Aberdeen . has the double eagle on everything - ashtrays, soap wrappers, in the bar and men's room:



  3. Once, while providing mission support to an American Special Forces Team, the team members noticed I was wearing a Double Headed Eagle embroidered golf shirt and asked if I was from Austria or had visited there. After answering no to both questions I explained to them I was a member of the American Scottish Rite.

    On another occasion, a very lovely Russian born American female Soldier was captivated by the Scottish Rite ball cap I was wearing and explained to me the Double Headed Eagle is popular in her hometown.

    Many Americans do not know the actual history or Masonic significance of the Double Headed Eagle as used by the Scottish Rite. But most Americans probably do associate the symbolism of the Double Headed Eagle with one word:EMPIRE. And I am willing to bet this is why some American men with money, posistion, and influence (outside of the Scottish Rite) choose to use it for their own personal reasons.

  4. I agree with Bro. Johnson. In England the use by the Trump golf club would not be permitted as arms are governed by the Court of Heralds, which has legal powers -- a Manchester theatre owner was prosecuted when he tried to use the city's arms. Its officers are the same gentlemen we encounter on packs of cards, such as Garter King. A grant of arms from them is necessary and probably would not be issued with the double eagle. Scotland is somewhat different as arms are controlled by the Lord Lyon and in general the process has been less regulated. If someone cared, Lyon would probably respond. In any case, it's an example of cultural imprudence if not outrageousness, In In Canada an heraldry authority related to the Governor General handles these matters and in New Zealand there is, as in England, a Herald. Ireland is interesting because despite its independence it retains a Chief Herald. The New England Historic and Genealogical Society instigated a registry for American heraldry but with no legal standing it never achieved authority. however, the United States armed forces maintain heraldry offices that rule on the choice of insignia in the services. The Trump golf club arms violate all sorts of heraldic codes.

  5. One should add a couple caveats. Anyone may apply to the English heralds for a grant of arms and some Americans do. Also, the arms may be displayed in connection with "events related". An example is the frequent use of arms granted to English public schools that have Masonic lodges by the school lodges. (These are of course elite private schools as in Britain, public schools are private pace Eton, Harrow, Tonbridge, et al) . See https://schoollodges.wordpress.com/2017/09/27/royal-wolverhampton-first-day-cover/


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