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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Who Wants Books About the Masons Anyway?

Tired of sourpuss stories that talk about how Freemasonry isn't of interest to modern society anymore? 

Just a quick follow up after the 'Masonic Salon of the Book' in Paris (Salon Maçonnique du Livre de Parislast weekend. They had a few people show up for this, the 16th annual book fair dedicated strictly to Freemasonry. 

More than sixty Masonic authors were on hand for the event's ten roundtable discussions, three conferences, thirty publishers, and seventeen of France's various Masonic obediences (regular, recognized, irregular, male, female and mixed). 

The two day program was open to the public.

Here's the punchline.

The Masonic Institute of Paris (Institut Maçonnique de France) reports that some 4,600 visitors attended this event on November 17-18 at La Bellevilloise. Sure looks like somebody's interested in this creaky old fraternity.

You'd think some sharp U.S. Freemasons would be interested in organizing something similar in a large city somewhere and actively promoting it to the public and the fraternity alike.


  1. Hmmm. I know of a well known brother that could help organize this.....Chris. :-)

  2. The vitality of European Freemasonry has to be experienced. Do look at the extraordinary papers so far listed for the 4th World Conference on Fraternalism in Paris next June, and see if you can go! https://www.ipsonet.org/conferences/ritualconference-main/wcffh19prelim

    Paris is a Masonic city.


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